Born in 1984 in the Province of Vicenza, son of art… unconventional.

Artistic interest began in 2010 with a move to Barcelona that manifested itself through pop-surrealism, and began and exhibited for some galleries and public spaces in the city.

In the summers from 2014 to 2017 he joined the art residency association St.Henri Castelnaudary, Toulouse.

Between 2017 and 2018 he moved again to Vicenza, exhibiting for the biblical festival, then he began to develop an interest in sculpture that led him to exhibit in 2019 with a solo show in the Gallery &artgallery and subsequent collaborations.

In 2020 Barbiero heads towards Landart, which will lead him to create site-specifics for institutions, such as the municipality of Bassano del Grappa (Vi), La biennale del Baldo Festival Provincia di (Vr) 2021, in collaboration with Cariverona.

His artistic matrix is based on duality, which he uses to interpret human directions, finds inspiration in the forms of nature and its functioning, using bamboo and scaffolding as the architectural basis that constitute the DNA of his language for the construction of the works.

David Hatters photography, all rights reserved.



Land Art COURSE in collaboration with Comunita / Cultura / Patrimonio. July 2020


“PROIETTARTE” COURSE – for the projection of oneself through art, From May 2018.

COURSE “ART WHO ARE YOU” – for the search for oneself through art. From April 2018.


“CREATIVITY AND SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS” – how art can help us understand ourselves. From February 2020.

“LE MECCANICHE CELESTI” – a dreamlike journey through my paintings. From June 2018.

“INTUITIONS” – how art can help us have brilliant ideas. From June 2018.


Artwork for the band’s record, Born With a Basic Goodness 2020

Restoration of the works of the artist Matilde La Mora Fabregat 2013-2014

Artwork for the album by the musical group, Panda Kid & Hawaian Family (Barcellona / Vicenza) 2011

Art-surprise, Small format, EL-DRAC (Castellòn Valencia) 2011


Vpocket Magazine, Artistiche Menti su article on SPAZIO Q-19, June 2020

Il Giornale di Vicenza article, Esssere Umano exhibition in & art Gallery Vicenza, May 2019

I Magazine, La Reseca De Dulcinea no2 November 2012

Catalog, from the Veritas exhibition curated by Metamorfosi gallery with the work, Luz dorada, 2017


Gallery E50035, Palazuolo sul Senio, Florence (Italy), 30/9 – 4/10, 2020

Project with the support of the Cariverona Foundation as part of the CCP Project promoted by the municipality of Colceresa and the municipality of Bassano del Grappa, Vicenza (Italy) – July 2020

Estipouy Domaine d’Escapa, Auch (France), 2017

St. Henri Artists Association, Payra Sur l’Hers, Castelnaudary, Tolouse (France), 2014-2015-2016-2017


IO-1 (io uno), Gallery E50035, Palazuolo sul Senio, Florence (Italy) 3/10/2020 – 23/10/2020

SPAZIO Q-19 (Land Art installation space) in collaboration with, & Art Gallery, bacchiglione resurgence park, Vicenza (Italy) April… 2020

ESSERE UMANO, & Art Gallery, Vicenza, (italy) 3/5/2019 – 9/6/2019

B-TURBO, Studio Canale Gallery, Cavazzale Vicenza (Italy), 01/12/2017 – 15/2/2018

Loggia del Capitaniato, Vicenza (Italy), 24/05/2017 – 28/05/2017

Espai Jova, San Gervasi, Barcelona (Spain), January 2017

Sagrada Maria Club Association, Barcelona (Spain), 1/3/2014 – 30/9/2014


& Art Gallery, Vicenza, (Italy), 2020/2021, presentation of the Umaniverso Project

& Art Gallery, Vicenza, (Italy), 2019/2020

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Expo and Auction, St. Henri Artists Association, Payra Sur l’Hers, Castelnaudary, Tolouse (France), 2016

Expo and Auction, St. Henri Artists Association, Payra Sur l’Hers, Castelnaudary, Tolouse (France), 2015

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Espai 201, Barcelona (Spain), 2010

Galería Maxó, Barcelona (Spain), 2010

Galería El Gigant de la ciutat, Barcelona (Spain), 2010

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